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Industrial Control

We maintain continuous custody of your product through final assembly, electrical test and inspection, and shipping.

Due to the special handling required for Flex and Rigid-flex circuits during final assembly, we have optimized our factory lines, mass production tooling, and protocols to assure your product is treated with the utmost care. We conduct extensive ship conformance testing and reliability screening so you can be confident your design performs as expected in your customers’ hands as well.

Industrial Control
We Provide You With A Full Range Of PCB And PCBA One-Stop Service.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) | Flexible Circuits | Rigid Circuits | MC PCB | PCB Assembly | Components Procurement

For more in depth information on Flex Printed Circuits, click on the links below:
  • Application field
  • Technical ability
  • Material
  • Advanced equipment
  • Reliability

Digital camera                                    Fax machine

Rangefinder                                       Laser rangefinder

Robotic vacuum cleaner                    Projector

Home theater projector                     Scanner

Photo scanner                                    High-speed scanner

Smart Transportation                         Data exchange

Medical                                               New energy automotive

New energy vehicle                            Aerospace

Radio frequency identification           RFID

Dash cam                                            Dashcam

Automotive radar system                   Automotive radar

High-definition TV                             HDTV

Smart TV                                            4K HDTV

LCD TV                                               Mobile

Surface-mount                                   SMT

Sensor                                                Tire pressure gauge



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