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Our Products

Our company核心产品包括PCB和PCBA,产品覆盖单面、双面、多层板(最高达68层)、厚铜板、高频高速板、铝基板、铜基板、单面柔性线路板、双面多层柔性线路板、HDI高密度互联、刚挠结合板、高端电子材料、特种材料(如:PCBPCB。FR4, High Tg FR-4, CEM-3, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, (泰兴,旺灵F4BK,F4BM,TP-1/2,TF-1/2)AL Base, 陶瓷, Copper Base)。

We Provide You With A Full Range Of PCB And PCBA One-Stop Service.

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