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The connected car, together with electrical and autonomously-driven vehicles, means that technology will become even more important over the coming decade. To deliver the best driver experience of the future, auto makers and their suppliers not only need standard Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), but also new generation PCBs like Every-layer Interconnect (ELIC), Rigid-Flex, and other innovations to make connected cars a reality.

- 汽车音响/行驶控制
- 汽车车身传感器/引擎控制
- 汽车LED灯、汽车照明
- 汽车信号采集控制
- 变速箱控制模块
- 汽车仪表/汽车发动机
- 汽车TIG-DCDC变化器
- 汽车娱乐系统/舒适系统
- 汽车显示屏/触摸屏
- 汽车门闩/锁闭系统/乘员探测器

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